Hourglass of the Hostile

From the Diary of Randal Shepherd (Thurs 24th Sep 09)

From the Diary of Randal Shepherd

Early Morning Thursday 24th September 2009.

I know it’s been some time since I have recorded anything here, so with this brief moment to catch my breath I thought it wise to try and document some of the events that have taken place since last I penned anything about the unfolding circumstances in Adelaide’s darkness.

Let’s see now…ah yes, my last entry concerned the detailing of The Scourge’s dealings with the hunted Garou in the Private Catholic school grounds. Whilst fearing significant political backlash from the Scourge’s barely concealed intentions with the Garou scenario, it would seem that Clayworth has bigger fish to fry at the moment.

With all that has happened since then, it is hard to believe that only 5 nights have passed since that event.

So that was Saturday night pretty much wrapped up, Sunday night (20th Sept) saw further escalation of the rapidly accelerating descent of the city into chaos since the disappearance of my Grandsire and Prince of the city – Thomas Jarvis.

The first half of my evening was spent tidying up the significant mess and media fall-out resulting from cordoning off nearly an entire superb with Strategic Tactical Response police forces. As it turns out, my counterparts had spent this time investigating one of the few remaining tenuous leads we had linking all of these recent strange events together. The members of the Scourge seem convinced of a link between Clayworth and the Herd Murder, but at this stage the Elder Vampire has proven to be made of Teflon, nothing seems to stick.

As I understand, the group attended the residence of a Mr and Mrs Lawson, a pair of indigenous blooded kine who appear to be linked with the newly arrived mysterious Garou of the hills (The Good Guys?). The significance of what was discussed at this meeting was not made apparent to me until The Scourge and I were bought together later that evening, in response to a break-in at the Centre for Australian Indigenous Culture, Tandanya. While museum break-ins are not unheard of, it was thanks to the efforts of newly inducted Sergeant Brett Gibbons who quickly realised that the circumstances surrounding the robbery were far from normal.

It would seem that there had been some kind of fluke catastrophic failure of the relatively sophisticated security systems which guard the museum. The stats quoted were incredibly rare and thus Brett suspected some kind of paranormal interference, hence why we were called. Added to this strange failure of the security system were also the very specifically targeted items which were stolen: several obsidian stone ceremonial knives, some ancient percussion instruments and a rare and uniquely coloured didgeridoo. Of greatest and significance and strange coincidence, it would appear that the didgeridoo was only a replica of the original…an original owned by none other than Mr Scott Lawson, the gentleman whom the Scourge had visited earlier that evening.
While the significance of this find is as yet unknown, it would appear that the robbery would seem to be linked to the newly arrived Garou and whatever it is they claim to be fighting in the Adelaide Hills.

Raisa was able to ascertain that there had indeed been some kind of paranormal involvement in the robbery, as she recounted images of someone breaking into the secured viewing cases with some kind of mystical lock breaking power (a clicking of fingers as I recall).

At the time of this entry I have been unable to discover any further facts surrounding the disappearance of these items. My feelers for all the usual fencing avenues for these types of items have turned up dry, so my suspicion is that whoever took the items, intends to keep/use them for some sordid purpose. I pray we find out pre-emptively.

Since the break in at Tandanya it would appear that the incursions on the cities security have escalated.

The following evening (Monday) bought about the discovery of a young Mr Nick Arden, flagged due to his presentation of roadside trauma and abnormally low haemoglobin. It would appear Nick had been ripped from his 2008 Kermit Green Holden V8 Ute and briefly attacked by a ‘dark character’, who then drove off with his car (later found). After a quick chat with Nick, it seemed that there was some very strange circumstances surrounding his attack, not the least of which was the discovery of a damaged light truck embedded in the scrub, some several hundred metres away from where Nick was attacked.

I dispatched the Scourge to investigate, this kind of thing being squarely aimed at their brief. Wisely their first port of call was the victim, from which we discovered he was attacked by a dark skinned stranger with ‘strange eyes’. Evidence discovered at the site of the damaged Light truck, strongly pointed to this stranger being some kind of Kindred. The truck itself bore the signs of supernatural combat, with large dents in strange places on the body of the truck, wheels damaged by a contraption forged with kindred strength and with Raisa’s ‘images’ of more Garou activity (These dogs are beginning to be a serious problem). There also seemed to have been a reasonably large degree of automatic gunfire, yet there were no corpses discovered around the site.

Being the thorough little neonates I have grown to love, they took things a step further and investigated some mysterious boot prints which led the group to a nearby abandoned farm house and sheds. Long story short, they managed to uncover the corpse of a Garou buried beneath a reinforced concrete block (apparently used to dip sheep in). How do we know it was a Garou corpse? BECAUSE IT WAS STILL IN THE SHAPE OF A BIG ANGRY-MODE WOLF-MAN!!!

Kris reported that this block looked to be well over a ton in weight, and apparently both Seb and Frieda moved it…I would have liked to have seen THAT!

Yep this significant find rocked the Society sufficiently enough for there to be called an urgent meeting of the elders (conveniently held under the guise of introducing May Grigg’s latest fop assembly). At ‘the viewing’ of the creatures body, Gorman could barely contain the drool dripping from his fangs, and his manic behaviour almost dropped him in the shit with Peppi who had her hands smacked away by Gorman when she went to touch the corpse (like I need the fucking Elders to start openly fighting amongst themselves…). Fortunately Peppi didn’t react (Random!) and the others were able to quickly turn the topic to other things.

At present it would seem Gorman wants to spend some ‘quality time’ with the corpse. I have given him 48 hours, after which I will incinerate the creatures corpse, as it poses a heavy threat to the Masquerade. Thankfully he didn’t fight me on this.

Crap where are we? Ok so that was Wednesday night. Monday night was the investigation of the light truck at Karoonda and subsequent discovery of the strangely buried Garou body.

Did I mention who or what we suspected buried the body? No? Good.

Tuesday night…what happened Tuesday night? Oh yeah as far as I understand there was little the Scourge were up to, I did hear a rumour that Seb and Raisa went and picked up a WRX STi 22B from Jarvis Subaru…how the fuck Raisa is going to manage to drive something like that I have no fucking idea. Gotta admit, I’m a little jealous…

I have no idea what Frieda was up to, but no doubt it was something frighteningly productive and no doubt political (SUCH a Brujah!).

So that leaves me here on Thursday morning, with the sun about 50 minutes from hitting the sky. I have 2 police incident reports to chase up tomorrow evening, both surrounding bikie raids on known whore houses and drug dens. I have no idea what has prompted this new round of attacks, but with all that has been going on, I have a bad feeling in my veins about this. Let’s hope it is just some Kine turf war and nothing else… Something I can set Leo to sort out with a few pointed early morning visitations.

Oh yeah I almost forgot – Seems that Thomas’ signature ends up on the paperwork sanctioning the bulldozing and storing of waste at the Hum-bug scrub ‘indigenous site of cultural significance’. What’s more, it would seem that his Chief in Human Resources (gotta love that term) and Accounting was also party to the signing, along with some other stranger, who (as claimed again by Raisa) was encouraging Thomas to sign-off on the action. I haven’t had a chance to speak with Ceaser yet and I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance too before late Friday morning…

…Gotta love messages from Jarred at 5.15 in the morning. Seems like I’ll be spending the first half of my evening at the docks, it would appear our mate Clay has some new arrivals we should be checking out before releasing them to whatever the hell he wants Tunnel boring and mining equipment for…

Randal out.



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