Randal Shepherd

Sheriff of Adelaide


Sheriff of Adelaide, Gangrel Childe of Rick Fitzgerald .

Most frequently attired in Jeans, a mid thigh length supple dark brown or black leather jacket. Randal typically sports a firearm of some kind.

Randal is also known by his vehicle of choice – a heavily modified Subaru Forester STi, black in colour, with heavily tinted windows. This vehicle serves as a mobile command centre for his Sheriff activities, including a full suite of surveillance equipment and wireless links to the various SAPOL and goverment databases.
Presence of this vehicle anywhere within the city is enough to send a foreboding signal to the Kindred of the city that the ‘authority’ is at large and that those in breach of The Traditions should certainly watch out.


Randal is a red headed and pale freckled Caucasian.

Capable both physically and mentally, Randal has been awarded the mantle of Sheriff partly through his unyielding determination and penchant for supernatural police work. Fair, balanced, contemplative and non-bias are terms which often arise in conversation about the city’s Sheriff.

Randal Shepherd

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