Peppi Deluca

Malkavian Primogen member


Peppi is an unassuming petite woman, generally well dressed but has been known to appear dishevelled from time to time, Peppi occasionally sports some form of Tiara in her lengthy hair, which she tends to wear up in a bun or some sort of twirled birds nest arrangement. For all purposes Peppi appears quite normal. She holds (mostly) normal conversations…the problem is, she often hosts said conversations with the inclusion of a current ‘pet’ inanimate object. These objects have been known to span from antique gramophones, canes, hats, umbrella’s and socks, through to lampshades, magazines, figurines and pretty much anything you could conceive of that is able to be carted around (more often than not in an old-school shopping trolley).

While frozen in her late twenties, Peppi often ‘tailors’ her appearance to being much older in appearance and persona. She frequently assumes a motherly or aunt-like role with those she takes under her wing or with whom she establishes a rapport.


No one is 100% sure when Peppi Deluca arrived in Adelaide, nor is anyone 100% sure where Peppi came from, but one the thing about Peppi that is 100% certain is that her arrival shifted the balance of power amongst the Kindred of the city. If you were to ask any of the ‘sane’ Kindred as to why this is the case, you’ll most likely receive the answer ‘you don’t fuck with Peppi man’. When pushed for specifics, most kindred will refer you to either their Elder or Peppi herself as means of seeking further explanation or detail.

Strong rumours circulate concerning Peppi’s indiscriminate feeding and the possible threat she poses to the Masquerade, however at this stage no breach has been big enough to warrant her actions receiving nothing more than polite warnings from Prince Jarvis.

Peppi Deluca

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