Anthea Talbot

Ventrue Primogen


Classic UK aristocratic looks. Anthea has a long drawn face, angular and sharp features, a slightly upturned nose, she is hauntingly beautiful, possessing an almost delicate feminine charm.

Anthea is almost always dressed in some form of hyper-modern aggressive feminine coutre, her obscene wealth lending to her being able to finance a wardrobe bearing the names of some of the most boutique and exclusive fashion houses and designers from Europe.

Slim in build, she cuts an almost athletic figure…erring a tad too far on the side of preying mantis.

Proper in every aspect of the term, Anthea was aristocratically schooled, and this is painfully refelcted in her intonation and aloof attitude towards anyone other than her clan members.


Whether her claim is factual or not, Anthea promotes herself as one of the eldest Kindred in Adelaide. While records of her early presence and existence are often difficult to find, she certainly appears to share some kind of deep history and subsequent connection with Prince Jarvis.

There are rumours that it was Anthea who led the movement for the Thomas Jarvis to stake his claim as Prince of Adelaide and therefore form the Primogen council as it now stands.

Anthea has sired two known Childer in Adelaide, Charles Lismore and Lenora Chan

Anthea Talbot

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