Douglas Clarke

Brujah Primogen


Slightly balding, wispy haried, a slighly bulbous nose and rounded features. Think ‘Queensland Politician’ and you’ll have it in one.

Doug is thick set, to the point of having a slight paunch, which occassionally becomes obvious when wearing his more outdated attire.

Doug often wears decades old parliament suits, style being irrelevant nonesense in his eyes. Doug merely shifts his appearance so that he is at least taken half serious by his peers and by any other Kine he is required to interact with.


Doug or ‘Dougy Clarke’ as he is known by those who are close to him is a neo-conservatist and paradoxically his social philosiphy could almost be described as anti-dynamic…sort of like a hyperactive conservatist with a major social chip on his shoulder.

Always an individual to go in to bat for the ‘little man’, Doug has strong ties with many of the socialist poltical parties in South Australis as well as the union movement.

A member of the Primogen council, Doug has always seen his role to be the provider of political balance and to also attempt to keep in check any gross exploitation of Adelaide’s Kine by the cities Vampire society.

In the last 4-5 decades Doug has turned his ‘desire’ to shape SA’s culture and society through his tar-baby style social funds, in an effort to attempt to catch out individuals tempted to exploit charity based money making schemes.

Doug is the sire of two known Childer, Daniel ‘Savage’ Svorgnensen and Dr Gillian Verde.

Douglas Clarke

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