Dr Edward Bishop

Senior Coroner on the kindred payroll


Standing over 180cm’s in height (approx 6’), fair headed and with fair features, Dr Edward Bishop is a South African ex-pat.
He has soft facial features, however his smile is razor sharp, which will be one of the first things anyone will not about this character. Unfortunately Dr Bishop rarely smiles, perhaps a slow infection of morbidity from his day to day work.

Dr Bishop is solidly built, with a slight paunch. He is aged in his early fourties.

In addition to his sharp smile, Dr Bishop frequently carries pale purple bags under his eyes, a mark of his full-time night shift rostered hours.


Emmigrating to Adelaide in the mid 1980’s Dr Edward Bishop finalised his advanced medical forensic patholgy training in 1989.
A perpetual night-owl, Dr Bishop has permanently worked the forensic night shift for the Adelaide Coroner’s office for almost two decades.

Dr Edward Bishop

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