Hans Gruber

Retainer and companion of Dr Freda Otto

Physical Social Mental
Strength ●●● Charimsa ●●● Perception ●●
Dexterity ●●● Manipulation ●● Intelligence ●●
Stamina ●●● Appearance (seduction) ●●●● Wits ●●●
Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness Drive (High Speed) ●●●● Academics
Dodge Firearms ●●● Computer (Research) ●●●●
Empathy Performance Finance (Investments) ●●●●
Intimidation Security Law
Streetwise Survival Linguistics
Subterfuge Politics ●●
Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Potence Resources ●● Conscience ●●●
Presence Contacts ●●● Self-Control ●●
Courage ●●●
Merits Humanity Blood Pool
Enchanting Voice ●●●●●●● □ □ □ □ □
Time Sense □ □ □ □ □
Eidetic Memory Willpower
Light Sleeper ●●●

Hans Gruber met Dr Freda Otto when he was 17 yrs old and starting his first year at Freie Universität Berlin in 1986. A gorgeous young man he immediately drew her attention, as she did his. A whirlwind courtship saw him quickly become as important as her right arm. Indeed at a time when she was beginning to feel the pull towards the beast, more so than in the preceding years since she had been embraced, he was a welcome and trusted link to the human world. Although their relationship is by her very nature one of servant and master, or perhaps diner and food, the philosophical principles Dr Otto holds regarding the nature of power relations and the true meaning of freedom are also applied here. Hans is his own being and he has willingly given Freda his life to control. Due to their physical age difference and Hans’ appearance most people assume a Mrs Robinson type relationship. She is into him for his beauty; he wants her money and is a vain dolt. They love to play upon these stereotypes for their own gain.

Hans is responsible for Freda’s security and safety, a job he takes extremely seriously. This means not only ensuring her physical protection but her political and financial as well. He keeps himself in top condition, constantly updating and increasing his skills in order to meet her needs.

Hans is a bronzed specimen of male glory. While he is not packed with muscle, what he has is well toned and adds sleekness to his frame. 6’2” with light blue eyes, dark blond hair and a voice to melt your core; more than one person has lost their heart to him and Hans is as egalitarian as Freda when it comes to matters of the heart and flesh.

Hans enjoys spending time in the kitchen decorating small cakes or tinkering with his car.

Hans Gruber

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