Jared Retschke

Gangrel thug...er...Special Operations


Of all the known Gangrel of Adelaide, Jared is perhaps the one greatest affected by his quick temper and boarderline human behaviour.

While rarely seen in full light, if one is unlucky enough to witness Jared in high lighting conditions they will see that his skin is grey in pallor, an aquatic grey to be exact.
His mouth is unusually wide, and his teeth are pointed and should one be unfortunate to get close enough to his mouth, they will realise his teeth are slightly serrated.

Those unfortunate enough to be touched by Jared will be repulsed by the firm sandpaper texture of his skin…the revulsion is usually short lived as Jared rarely touches anyone that isn’t a target for his narrow focused skill set…killing.


Even in his mortal life Jared was not much of a conversationalist, and his subsequent seperation from humanity has done nothing to improve this in any form or fashion. Hence, little is actually known about this individual’s background…perhaps his sire Rick Fitzgerald could enlighten those brave enough to ask about this wayward and dangerous childe.

Jared Retschke

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