Jean Renard

Metal working artiste and member of the Primogen Council


Standing around 5’11" What Jean Renard potentially lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in well defined muscle and rougishly good looks.

Handsome to a fault, Jean Renard is very French-English, with slightly sharp facial features, perfectly balanced and slightly softened with ‘rounded’ english charateristics all of which is accented by exquisitely manicured facial hair and thick long hair, which he wears in a variety of styles and cuts (Think Johnny Depp and you’ll have it in one).

While potentially coming across initially as somewhat ‘foppish’, buried within his metrosexual appearance is a hard steely edge of a mind and body tempered with an extended unlife of crafting objects of beauty with typically unyielding mediums.

Sporting a handshake that can crush steel and a gaze that will melt through metal Jean is a creature of passion who, despite his slow extending lifespan, has managed to retain a high degree of his lust for things of beauty.

Jean Renard’s bright blue eyes have dulled in his unlife, those fortunate to receive and extended gaze from Jean will see the slow encroaching ring of grey that lines his Irises.


To a large degree Jean Renard has always been a private individual. As a member of Kindred Society and more specifically a bloodline reknown for its social intrigues, this has fostered a range of rumours to have been spawned about his origins and relationships with other members of Adelaide’s kindred society.

One such strong rumour is that he was, at one time, romantically involved with the ice-queen beauty Anthea Talbot. Another rumour is that he lured Anthea to Australia with promises of forging a powerbase of lust and governance amongst the untamed developing cities of the British Penal Colony.

While the exact time of arrival is uncertain, it is generally accepted amongst the Kindred of Adelaide that Jean Renard is amongst the eldest of kindred in the city, having resided in Adelaide for a minimum of a century.

Regardless of social rumour and innuendo, Jean Renard has imprinted his distinctive creative mark on many of the prominent Kindred artworks situated throughout the various area of Elysium. Of greatest note are his ‘recent’ works featured at the GP in particular the Vampiric Maw which serves as structure and decoration of the main bar of the GP, as well as the cast bronze agricultural shear scultpure which dominates the back wall of the front bar of the GP. Most of the crafted metal work throughout the GP was crafted by Jean Renard, inspection of such pieces will imbue the observer with awe at the bespoke nature and precision of his works.

Jean Renard

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