Marcus Fratelli

Toreador New Kid on the Block


Standing 5’11, Marcus presents as a fair skinned male of immaculate complexion. His facial features convey a devilish charm, with a sharp chin and his customary moustache.
There is also an element of effeminate charm, projected mostly by his softly spoken tone of voice.

Marcus is athletic in build, but is far from bulky or muscley, more wirey in stature. His forearms are perhaps slightly out of proportion to the rest of his physique, a feature which belies his many hours spent wielding tattoo apparatus.


Marcus Fratelli has only been known to Adelaide Kindred Society since the latter half of 2009. Any Kindred who holds a conversation greater than 5 minutes with Marcus will reveal how little he has experienced or truly understands of vampiric nature, he is still securely anchored to his mortal life, which some may find refreshing and other disgustingly (dangerously?) naieve.

Childe of May Grigg, Grand Childe of Jean Renard, Marcus follows a blood line of consummate artistic talent, and by all account manages to hold his own amongst his imposing heritage.

Marcus is an artist of flesh. None in Australia and few in the world can match his talent for creating works of art through the medium of ink and human skin.

Any who take time to learn more about Marcus soon realise why he was selected as progeny material by a Toreador: His penchant for working human flesh into glorious works of art providing a heady cocktail of art wrought from flesh and blood, mixed with an established broad network of Kine who actively seek this kind of ‘treatment’, he stands as pre-packaged blood lust debauchery.

At present his life work has recently been realised through the opening of his S&M nightclub Feminino Machismo

Marcus Fratelli

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