Phaelan Griffith

Nosferatu Primogen member and information mogul.


Were you to be actually uncouth enough to enquire as to ‘what does Phaelan’s look like under his hood’ you will first be met with wrinkled noses and frowns, followed by shunned silence. While little is generally known about the Nosferatu bloodline, the most established fact circulating about this bloodline, is their significant disfigurement and grotesque appearance that is the ‘unique gift’ of this bloodline. It would be safe to assume that Phaelan would be no exception to this rule, and his characteristic disfigured speech coupled with the smell of stale breath and saliva which one may experience should they venture too close to Phaelan, certainly lends to these assumptions.

Fortunately for the Kindred and Kine of Adelaide, Phaelan maintains an appearance that is both veiled and hooded mercifully concealing whatever lies beneath. In addition to his ever present hooded Dryz-a-bone jacket, heavy clothing and gloves, he is also a reknown master of the enshrouding vampiric power of obfuscation, which further lends to his ability to hide and disguise his true appearance.


You What!? You honestly think that anyone knows anything solidly factual about this individual? Ha Ha Ha Ha…ah…seriously, no one really knows when Phaelan (or Grief as he is often referred to behind his back) came to Adelaide, nor does anyone know where he resides or even what he spends most of his evenings actually doing…but that’s probably for the better, if you catch my drift.

I will tell you one solid fact, if you need information about the obscure, Grief is your man. The only real issue is that such information often comes at a price…

Phaelan Griffith

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