Rasia Matvey

Slightly more insane than your average Kindred


Standing at only 5 ft 5 in with a very slight build, Rasia is a slightly smaller than average caucasion. With brown eyes, matching the brown, not always kempt hair, she comes across as not always appearing to be firmly planted on planet Earth. She is quite a neverous and generally paranoid individual. Though, she is extremley preceptive despite this nervous paranoia. She may not always appear to know exactly what is going on around her, but when she does she is very, very sneaky.


Rasia was a successful research scientist on the brink of disovering a profound break through in her chosen field before the “incident”. She was tired for a crime she maintains she is innocent of, but her incompetent lawyer coupled with an overzealous, trigger happy justice system, with no room left in their over-crowded prisons, decided to sentence her as being mentally impaired. She then found herself in Glenside. After some time, she finally figured out how to escape, but may have spent too long in there being told and treated as though she were crazy and spending too much time with others who were truely clinically insane. She made her escape, and is out now. She knew she wanted to be out, but why was that again? And what was it the others in there wanted her to do when she got out? But now it feels like none of this matters. But then what really does matter?

Rasia Matvey

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