Theodore Gorman

Tremere Primogen


Eccentric and aloof, Theodore leaves a lasting impression on anyone he meets. Filling out his clan stereotype to a tee, Theodore projects presence of mystery and dark magic.

Formal occasions are always attended wearing three piece suits, inclusive of tails and top-hat, and he frequently sports an intricately detailed wooden cane, topped with a silver-coloured metal handle intricately crafted in the vision of a gargoyle.

Theodore speaks with a blended accent of South African, European English and a hint of Australian.

Hawkish in facial features, he is typically clean shaven and his skin is pale and flawless. His features are European dark, with fine eyebrows, a sharp nose and piercing blue eyes.


It is not known how long Theodore has resided in Adelaide, nor is it known how long he has been undead for. As the primary Tremere Kindred of Adelaide, his counsell on matters of the occult is frequently sought by all Kindred of Adelaide.

His acceptance in Adelaide was cemented some decades ago, when his warnings to the Prince concerning an imminent Werewolf attack was instrumental in the Kindred of Adelaide being suitably prepared to adequetly deal with the threat with minimal loss to Kindred life and resources.

Recently Theodore has sought permission from the Prince to sire a Childe, hence he has recently embraced a young enthusiast of the occult – a young Elaina ????.

While Elaina was initially introduced to Adelaide’s kindred society and was allowed to participate as a deputy to Randal Shepherd the Sheriff of Adelaide, her involvement was withdrawn after Theodore elected to consolidate her training prior to her further involvement in Kindred society…

It is a well established fact that Theodore resides at Thorngrove Manor situated in the suburb of Crafers in the Adelaide Hills.

Theodore Gorman

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