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Greetings everyone, I intend to utilise this website to swap the reasonably poor facebook ‘wiki’ of this campaign to this website. I think this offers greater chronicling options for the campaign.

Welcome to Hourglass of the Hostile, a 3rd edition Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle set in Adelaide, South Australia 2009.
Initially put together for a close group of friends, we sadly lost one of the original campaigners near the end of the first story due to social issues, however since then the game has picked up another closer personal friend and seasoned roleplayer.

Inspiration for the game originally spawned from sitting down with my partner and watching a vampire genre TV series named ‘True Blood’, this series bought back fabulously nostalgic memories of vampire the masquerade campaigns when I was in my early 20’s, and thus in an attempt to grasp at the rapidly fading memories of my youth, I thought I would have a go at running a new campaign.

Originally started in Late November 2009, sessions were held continuously throughout ’09, ’10 and ’11, with things taking a break at the end of the third story at the end of 2011. Life got hectic across 2012 and 2013, with babies, house building and wedding plans as key social events amongst the players and myself.
A random email in June 2014 determined that interest was still very high for this game, and so the dust was blown off the extensive Storyteller Chronicle notes and the first session of the 4th Story was held in July 2014.
The characters are quite advanced now, the Chronicle is nearly at the climactic end, however there are ideas and plans for a new Chronicle, pending interest and availability at the end of this story. It is envisioned that this will potentially provide options for new players as we are facing one of our Campaign members (Raisa Matvey) leaving for Melbourne near June 2015.

It has been great to see this survive, and I am really looking forward to seeing a Chronicle out to the very end! Something I have never meaningfully achieved in all my years of RPG Gaming.

  • Story 1 – The Hunt for Quinton Sail (completed)
  • Story 2 – Members Only (completed)
  • Story 3 – Inheritance (completed)
  • Story 4 – Legacy of Dreams (In Progress)

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Hourglass of the Hostile

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