Hourglass of the Hostile

Adelaide Gets the Blues

September the 17th saw a potential shift in power and politics amongst the meagre collection of Kindred which populate Adelaide City.

In a meeting hosted at the GP we saw the unexpected revival of a revamped medieval concept…The Scourge. Under the premise of having proven themselves as loyal servants of the Prince and Primogen Council, Sebastian Doyle Dr Freda Otto and Raisa Matvey were appointed as The Scourge of Adelaide a somewhat ressurected concept drawn from the dark ages, when Kindred Elders would sanction a band of Childer to scour their lands in search of Anarch’s and unwanted progeny. Loosely based on the 5th Camarilla Tradition of Hospitality (see The Traditions) such a band of Kindred would be tasked with the eradication, detention and destruction of those unwelcome in the controlling vassal’s lands.
The three Kindred received their appointment in front of a near complete assembly of Adelaide’s known Kindred. The news was received with mixed reactions, with many Kindred vocalising their discomfort at the various powers assigned to the group as part of their newly acquired title.

With Anthea Talbot acting as chairperson for the meeting, outbursts and general cacophany was quicklybough to silence with a unwavering imposition of emotional willpower, an emanation of obedience felt by all but the eldest of Kindred assembled in the room.

With the announcement of the Adelaide’s latest Kindred law enforcement body, and after a brief fielding of questions surrounding the recent spate of her member death’s perpetuated by the now deceased Herd Murderer, the assembled Vampires were summarily dismissed having been informed of the Primogen’s intention to host a closed cloister Blood Ballot in an effort to determine an Interim Prince for the duration of Prince Jarvis’ absence.

Members of the Primogen, with the newly appointed Scourge and Sheriff Randal Shepherd as audience, proceeded to perform a bloody ritual entailing the dontation of vitae from each candidate into an ornately carved silver bowl in the shape of a vampiric maw. Having each donated viate the two candidates, Anthea Talbot and Rick Fitzgerald watched in anticipation as each remaining member of the Primogen Council proceeded to stamp the end of a one of two metal wrought clan symbol stamps first, into the bowl of blood and secondly onto a sheet of thick vellum, where they then waited for every member of the Primogen to finish casting their respective vote. perhaps the most striking of this coldly executed, silent process, was the out of character visible nervousness displayed by Primogen member Douglas Clarke in the casting of his vote.

With all votes cast, each member of the Primogen proceeded to reveal their votes: Peppi and Phaelan Griffith both voting for Rick leaving Jean Renard, Theodore Gorman and Douglas Clarke voting for Anthea. With the marginal majority of votes, Anthea Talbtot was appointed Interim Prince. Ventrue were now in control of the city.

The meeting was adjourned, the remaining Kindred departing with their thoughts clutched tightly to their still beating chests…



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