Hourglass of the Hostile

Contemplations @ Panorama

Having departed from the GP post the announcement of their appointment as The Scourge of Adelaide, Freda, Seb and Raisa made their separate ways back to their havens.

The following evening (Friday 18th of September 09) finds the characters spending the early part of the evening attending to their own individual business, prior to their meeting with Randal Shepherd at Gamma Cresent, Panorama.

Dr Freda Otto elects to spend the first few hours of her evening attending Fumo Blue. Catching the eye of the club’s retainer Claudia Reeve upon arrival, Dr Otto is quickly shown to the ‘Kindred Only’ back-room, where she encouters Anthea’s Childer Charles Lismore and Lenora Chan speaking with an unknown individual. After a brief description of the menu (complete with a detailed account of the lineage of the ‘food’ on offer), Dr Otto orders a serving of the young female on offer, and proceeds to make her way to the only occupied table in the room, engaging the assembled Kindred (and unknown) in polite yet cool conversation.
Charles, acting as spokesperson, quickly introduces the gaudily dressed and bejewelled young man as a yet-to-be acknowledged neonate, Marcus Fratelli, Childe of May Grigg.
In a gush of camp verbosity, Marcus quickly outlines that he is yet to be introduced to Kindred society, and that Charles and Lenora had offered to chaperone him for the evening and show him some of the areas of Elysium prior to his yet to be announced formal introduction. Marcus explained to Dr Otto that he is a silent partner in The Mars Bar and intends to open his own underground club in the very near future.
The relatively uncomfortable conversation ends with Dr Otto’s ‘order’ being delivered, eyes and hands bound in black silk sashes. After some brief ‘toying’ with her food, Dr Otto imbibes a reasonable quantity of vitae. With her feasting having left her treat relaxed and near sleep, Dr Otto makes her way from Fumo Blue to Panorama, for her scheduled meeting with the city’s Sheriff.

Sebastian Doyle, uncharacterstically ‘full’ and with no immediate pressure to feed, spends his evening working on his XB GT. While engrossed in the relative zen of motorvehicle mechanics, an idea blossoms in Seb’s mind, a solution to the issue of being uncommunicable whilst riding his chosen motorised steed… a Blue Tooth headset! Snatching up his Sheriff gifted iPhone and the keys to his bike, Seb heads into the city, to accost the staff of Harvey Norman with his need. With his typical anti-social mannerisms, Seb rapidly obtains the location of the desired item of technology, and then having paid for it, returns to his vehicle, which has now gathered a crowd of onlookers and gawkers (having been illegally and brazenly parked on the foot path of Gawler Street). Ignoring all onlookers, Seb leaps onto his bike and guns the engine, his visage stalling the rapidly dimming enthusiasm of an approaching parking inspector. In a cacophany of Harley Davidson exhaust, Seb roars out of the city, towards his scheduled meeting at Panorama.

Raisa Matvey, having emerged from the underpinning of an abondoned laser-tag base station, elects to spend the few hours before her meeting exploring her recently selected haven. Following her instincts based on her knowledge of security systems and human behaviour, Raisa quickly disovers an abandoned set of keys in one of two offices associated with the now abandoned laser-tag business. In a spate of Malkavian fuelled luck, Raisa discovers that the keys she has found unlock the door to a concrete lined service shaft, situated near the centre of the abandoned warehouse. Realising the potential for improved safety and offering a lockable space impervious to fire, Raisa sets about attempting to make the shaft more hospitable, filling the base of the shaft with an assortment of bundled material and cushions. Having enough time to trial sleeping in the small but secure area, Raisa discovers that she will be forced to sleep ‘head down’ at a 25 degree angle in order to lie ‘out stretched’. This revelation appeals to her sense of humour, chuckling as she locks the door to her new found bed-room Raisa makes her way to join the others at Panorama.

Upon reaching Panorama, the group are ushered inside by usual host and Gangrel retainer Kris Katsidis. As the group make their way up the dark marble stone steps of the Panorama residence, they quickly realise that they will play audience to someone other than Randal Shepherd. Seated in the four-person couch situated in the centre of the 6 meter window offering a panoramic view of Adelaide’s twinkling lights, is Gangrel Elder Rick Fitzgerald. Rick spends little time mincing words, and jumps straight into a heavy discussion concerning the rights and limitations of their new role. With a few questions fielded from the newly appointed members of The Scourge, the topic of conversation wanders to the events of the past 10 days, in particular the various loose ends left unanswered surrounding the Herd Murderer episode.

The core issues which arise from this discussion concern the nature of the Herd Murderer; the paradox of the timeline of his known history, the ‘targeted’ nature of his attacks and their relationship with Quinton Sail’s list. The concpet of an over-arching pupper master was discussed by the group, however no conclusion was reached as to whether it was the mysterious and elusive vampire known only as ‘Ben’ or the publicly operating elder Clayworth Walker-Davies.
Beyond these discussions, the group also bought Rick up to speed with the details surrounding the defilement of a cave containing aboriginal paintings. Rick had not been aware of Prince Jarvis’s potential implication in the defilement and dumping of toxic chemicals of this site. Rick tasked Randal with finding out more about potentially missing chemicals (in an effort to determine whether the Prince’s company Agricon was being framed) or whether something else was afoot.
Finally, the group were given the address to the individual linked with the Kombi van driven by the young female werewolf who assaulted the group whilst they were retrieving stolen survey equipment from a property in One-Tree Hill. Coincidentally, the individual (a Mr Scott Lawson) is also an employee of the State Government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources… the government department responsible for awarding a recent environmental impact survey to Clayworth Walker-Davies’ company EcoSurv.

After much debate, the group decide on several courses of action… to speak with the Radcliffes, the foster family of the Herd Murderer Kevin Hayford and to also attempt an audience with Tremere Theodore Gorman, in an effort to gain more information about the nature of Kevin Hayford and to seek more information about the seemingly various werewolf factions now involved in the unfolding politics of the city.



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