Clayworth Walker-Davies

Money? Blood? Trivial compared with what I know and have seen...


Razor sharp, meticulously clean, expensively dressed and handsome in an English Noble sense, Clayworth Walker-Davies is some what of an international enigma in the Kindred World. Reknown for his multi-billion dollar business empire, Clayworth has his finger in many multinational pies.

It is not known for how long Clayworth has walked the night, but rumours range anywhere from 400-500 years and beyond.

Clayworth typically appears in public wearing expensive couture suits, and is always cleanly and neatly dressed to a fault.

He speaks with a hint of English aristocracy, however his recent stint in the Australasian region has softened this further, further muddling his dark honey-dripping voice.

While permanently in his early 30’s with a thick head of hair (always contemporarily styled) his manner of speech is of a man in his late 50’s and his dark near-black eyes, slightly recessed in his chissled face, belie his true age and offer a small slit window to his dark hunger.


With his core interests focusing on Geological exploration and exploitation of anything and everything, Clayworth has built a reputation for an individual who like to micromanage projects and keep a ‘hand in’ where he feels his attention is needed.

Over the past decade Clayworth has been touring his Australasian-Pacific arm of his company, spending time in various cities throughout Asia and Australia, managing projects with his hands on approach.

Well known to the Camarilla Ventrue World Wide, he is often given ‘rock-star’ type kudos amongst Ventrue business moguls, mostly due to his obscene wealth and the perception of him ‘keeping it real’ in a blue-blooded empire controlling neurotic manner.

Curretly Clayworth is spending time in quaint little Adelaide, where he is supervising several projects being conducted by subsidiary companies Geothread and Ecosurv PTY LTD.

Clayworth Walker-Davies

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