Tamara Greenwith

Keeper of the Elysium @ the Goyder Pavillion (GP)


Standing 6’ (flat footed) Tamara cuts an elegant and shapely feminine figure. Appearing in her late twenties with an abundance of curly strawberry blonde hair, Tamara sports a pale porcelain like complexion, mimicking her Kindred masters.

Always elegantly attired, whether it be designer jeans and a tasteful top, or a high-end ball-gown, Tamara always dresses in a fashion which is complimentary and themed to whatever is planned by her Kindred Masters.


Like many of the ‘supporting cast’ surrounding Adelaide’s Kindred, Tamara provides a degree of stability and familiarity to her archaic and fastidious masters. Her knowledge of the various tastes and predilictions of the Kindred who frequent the GP is second to none, and she is privvy to the occasional dark secret about an individuals tastes.

Little is known about her background, other than there are strong rumours she has familial ties to Randal Shepherd and his family. Arguably this assumption is purely based on the shared hair colour and little else.

Tamara Greenwith

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