The Scourge

An excerpt from the meeting held at the GP dated Thursday 17th September 2009 @ 2.25am

“In medieval times ‘The Scourge’ were a group of kindred assigned the task of warding the borders of a controlling vassal. The role predominately involved being charged with the destruction of any kindred who failed to obey the ‘5th Tradition’ of hospitality, presentation of ones self to the controlling prince or elder of the territory. The Scourge were a traditionally feared band of kindred, considered a rural extension of the Princes hand.”
- Theodore Gorman, Tremere Primogen

On Thursday the 17th of September 2009 Adelaide Kindred and Deputies to the Sheriff Dr Freda Otto, Sebastian Doyle and Raisa McVeoy were appointed as Scourge of the City.

This appointment was offerred as a reward for the judicious administration of Kindred justice and for deeds performed in the interest of the perpetuality of Adelaide’s Kindred Society.

The appointment convey’s the following rights and privledges:

• The right of Destruction of those kindred who do not have formal permission to dwell in the city.

• You may also absolve your selves of the right of territory, should you, in the course of investigation of matters concerning the safety of the city be required to enter the territory of another kindred

• In the absence of the prince you have the right to seek instigation of a blood hunt, with the approval of the Primogen.

• You have the right to call trial on any member of kindred society with whom you have built up sufficient evidence to prosecute a breach of the traditions

The above was delcared in a joint announcement by Anthea Talbot, Rick Fitzgerald and Theodore Gorman. the announcement was made in front of a total of 28 of Adelaide’s known Kindred. All Elders and Clan members of the handful of Kindred not present for the announcement were tasked with informing these Kindred with the news at the earliest convenience.

The Scourge

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