Thorngrove Manor

Built in 1984, this fantastical building complex was established as a means of providing Adelaide with a boutique hotel experience. No expense was spared in its construction and its opulence is manifest to any who are fortunate enough to visit the grounds (and cough up the significant nightly fee to stay over night).

Of course to the select chosen few, the dark and mysterious owner of Thorngrove Manor had ulterior motives when designing his residence. Rumours of secret passages, experimental chambers and an occult library to rival those held by Elder Kindred in the eastern states, surround this residence.

Known haven of Theodore Gorman Adelaide’s Primogen Tremere, the residence and its occupant are reknown for his eccentric parties and soirees

Thorngrove manor adelaide east view at dusk

Thorngrove Manor

Hourglass of the Hostile Storyteller_Gee